Donegal is sure to be hit with a huge surge in tourists this summer after the county will feature on a special episode of 'OPRAH.'

The chat show host is returning to screens to host a special show with Pharrell Williams. Part of the one-off show will include looking at the huge success of his hit 'Happy,' which has seen thousands of online spin-offs including one from Co Donegal.

The video, featuring Donegal attractions as well as hundreds of dancers, is to be screened during a segment about the US musician.

Donegal cameraman Shane Wallace, of Wallace Media, said the company is delighted the film has been chosen to feature on Oprah.

He said, ‘We understand that Pharrell Williams will be chatting to Oprah about his hit song and videos from around the world have been chosen to feature as part of a video on the show.

‘Donegal Is Happy is one of the videos which will be shown and it’s a huge honor for us. We put a lot of work into it and to see it on Oprah and to think of the exposure Donegal will get is just amazing.

'Hopefully we’ll have even more American tourists planning their holidays to Donegal once they see all Donegal has to offer.’

Check out the video: