Ireland has a rich history when it comes to gambling, with the country having legalized and regulated the activities in the 1800s.

The Betting Act of 1854 helped the industry to thrive, although the recent amendment of the Gaming and Lotteries Act in 2019 means all forms of gambling are legal, including online poker.

Nonetheless, those that wish to know everything about online poker Ireland has to offer, are highly recommended to take a look at the rules and regulations that have been created in a little further detail, just to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law within the Emerald Isle.

Can a gambler play online poker in Ireland?

For those who wish to play a round of poker when utilizing an online casino platform, there is nothing to worry about as they will be protected by a number of laws due to the fact that the activity is fully legal within Ireland.

The simple reason that allows poker activities (and other wagering games) to take place legally is due to the Gaming and Lotteries Act, as it does not prohibit or distinguish the difference between games of luck and skill.

As of the most recent amendment in 2020, there are no specific rules or regulations that are related to poker, therefore this means that all forms of poker will fall under the general laws of gambling within the country. Typically, anyone over the age of 18 can play the popular casino game legally.

Does Ireland have a responsible gambling policy?

Countries and casino operators are being encouraged more and more in recent times to ensure that they provide a policy of responsible gambling in order to protect the people who play the games, whilst ensuring that they can still enjoy their passion as a fun activity before it becomes a problem.

Indeed, ‘Responsible Gambling’ is the term that is used throughout the iGaming industry and features a number of different tips, help and advice that can be provided to punters who may feel that they need additional support and assistance.

Amongst the many tips provided, operators will provide advice such as ensuring punters only gamble what they can afford to lose, ensure that they set limits and stick to them, as well as making sure that they avoid chasing losses that happen.

Additionally, they provide advice such as recommending that players never allow gambling to interfere with personal relationships, do not use gambling as a means of escape, take frequent breaks from the activity and not view gambling as a means of making money. Another tip is not to gamble when alcohol has been consumed.

What is the gambling industry doing to try and help?

The gambling industry has been working hard to try and combat any potential problems that may happen in the future by introducing and providing a number of safeguarding measures that include the following:

  • Trained staff who are professional and have awareness of potential issues
  • Making sure resources and tools are prominent, easily accessible and relevant
  • Tools that can help to create limits and provide plates with self-help and self-exclusion
  • Regular Responsible Gambling messages displayed throughout pages visited online

Indeed, there is a lot that companies are trying to do to ensure that playing online poker and other gambling games is as enjoyable as possible for everyone.