One Direction have insisted they will not change their name, despite a legal challenge from a LA band with the same name.

Quizzed about the situation during an interview for Australia's Herald Sun, Harry Styles and
Zayn Malik said there were no plans to change the boy bands name.

“No. We will not be changing our name,“ Malik said.

The reporter then pushed them further and asked, "What's going to happen there?" to which both Zayn and Harry shrugged, before Harry said, "We don't know".

Zayn agreed, adding, "We don't know, but we're not changing our name."

News emerged last week that a Californian five-piece band trademarked the name One Direction in February 2011. Allegedly, they plan to sue Simon Cowell’s manufactured boy band for over a million dollars.

Meanwhile, during the interview, Harry admitted that he has been texting American country star, Taylor Swift. "We met in America and she's very nice," he revealed during the interview.

Watch the interview below:

Watch the boys from One Direction impersonate each other: