Unlike some shy starlets, Irish-American actress Olivia Wilde has revealed she embraces her sex symbol status.

The “House” star and Maxim’s sexiest woman of the year told FOX News: “It’s kind of great to be able to . . . harness my power as a sexual being I guess and to be able to be seen as a sexy person and not have to compromise who I am and what I stand for.

“And being able to be considered sexy even though I wear a floor length lab coat in every episode, showing very little skin and spewing out medical terms all day.”

In her upcoming gritty film “Fix,” however, the actress, who has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Ireland, puts her sexiness on hold.

In the indie film, Wilde, who stars alongside real-life husband Tao Ruspoli, stars as documentary filmmaker Bella, who rushes across Los Angeles in order to get friend Leo (“Dazed and Confused” actor Shawn Andrews) from jail to rehab before 8 p.m. – or else Leo goes to prison for three years.  

The film shoot required the beauty to put herself in dangerous situations in rough areas of L.A., but thanks to the values instilled in her by her adventurous Irish journalist parents, Wilde says she was brave.

“I think the greatest thing about [my parents’] work was that they put their safety on the line,” she said.

“Fix” will open in theaters on November 20.