Patrick McDermott, beau to "Grease" star Olivia Newton-John, has been discovered alive and well in Mexico, where it is believed he has been living since he disappeared from a fishing trip off the coast of California in 2005.

McDermott, a lighting technician, was found hiding in Mexico by a group of investigators hired by “Dateline NBC.”

McDermott, a Korean-American, has been living under his birth name in Mexico since his disappearance.

Investigators were satisfied it was him after they obtained documentation and voice imprints from McDermott.

"Mr. McDermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be 'hounded' any longer by investigators or the media," Texas based investigator, Philip Klein told reporters at a press conference.

Newton-John and McDermott spent nine years co-inhabiting since 1996.

They called their relationships quits in 2005 at which time he filed for bankruptcy owing more than $30,000 in debt.

A few months later, he apparently disappeared after he fell overboard from a charter fishing boat.

Newton-John assumed he had died and his body had never been discovered.

Others weren’t so sure. Some people speculated at the time he staged his own death so he could cash in on a $150,000 life insurance policy for his son.