Dublin band, Jiggy, have paid tribute to their hometown with their newest video “Laethanta Saoire.” Accompanying their signature sound of Irish traditional music versus something that little bit different, is stunning footage of Dublin spanning from the 1950s to present day.

The song’s title means “holidays” in Irish. It was composed in the 1990s by legendary guitarist Steve Cooney, however until now the band had never released it.

The new video, conceived and edited by Dave McFarlane, pays tribute to the band’s home town. Robbie Harris, percussionist with the band, said “Jiggy are from Dublin Ireland, and as such wanted in this video, to portray Dublin with all its true grit and character.”

Harris explained the images featured in the video included:

- Guinness barrels being taken up the River Liffey in the 1950s

- Dublin zoo in the 1960s

- The Stag’s Head pub in the 1970s

- Busy traders on Moore Street in the 1980s

- Twilight looking over O’Connell Bridge in the 1990s

- An aerial view of modern Dublin

Jiggy’s music is like no other. The band has developed a sound incorporating vocal lilting, beat-boxing, Irish traditional music, hip hop dance grooves, world music rhythms and harmonies. In this particular song, “Laethanta Saoire” (meaning “holidays” in Irish) the reggae vibe was brought to the table by guitarist Niwel Tsumbu.

“Once he added his part to the whistle and fiddle it changed the feel completely, so we added some reggae keys bass, beats and percussion to complement his sound,” Harris told IrishCentral.

The band features the talents of traditional musicians Daire Bracken (fiddle), Éamonn De Barra (flute & whistle), Robbie Harris (percussion), Niwel Tsumbu (guitar) and Yoshi Izumi (bass) who have teamed up with DJ Jack on the decks.

Here’s a recent session they filmed at the Harbour Bar, in Bray. In this video the band teamed up with a Polish beat-boxer to make some really interesting sounds:

For more visit Jiggy.ie.