How scary is Robert Pattinson the pretty boy 'vampire' this Halloween? Not scary at all it seems if we go by sales of horror masks. In fact, he doesn't make it to the top ten.

So much for that mean and scary vampire look that millions of girls have been craving since Rob came on the scene in 'Twilight'.

Turns out our little fake Vampire friend wouldn't even scare a toddler, say the experts. If Robert said 'Yah boo' to a twoyear-old they'd just crack a smile.

Top of the list is a face mask called 'Barackula' after guess who. Now I know Barack Obama scares a lot of right wing nuts but I would have thought Rpatz would have won it over him in the scary stakes.

Seems not.

Brad Butler, CEO of Halloween Express, says "Barakula," a ghoulish version of President Barack Obama's face with bugged-out eyes, Vulcan-style ears and knife-sharp fangs is top seller. R Patz is..... nowhere.

Then there's mask no.2--- step forward Bernie Madoff, the cheater in chief, depicting him as a Joker type figure. Again, come on, not very scary I'd say unless you are one of those people bad Bernie stole millions from.

No. 3 is Robb -- ...Michael Jackson masks. yes; that’s a little scary. I'm going to run away and hide right now. The great gloved one can't even make it to No. 1 from his perch in the sky --- or down below depending who you are talking to.

But he's scarier than guess who? Mr. Scary Vampire about to reprise that role again soon and make millions Robert Pattinson.

When you are playing a horror character and the president of the United States, Bernie Madoff and Michael Jackson are scarier than you then your career is in trouble I'd say.

But there’s' worse. The next scariest person selling the most toys and masks according to the experts is.... Michelle Obama.

Oh dear. Whatever about her husband Michelle is simply not scary. Gorgeous yes, scary no.

Rob, time to dial it up, forget the pretty boy stuff, show those fangs, let out that blood curdling scream, whiten up that already pasty white face. Stop washing again....  do something Rob. Simply put you're a bust this Halloween.