Notre Dame have revealed their new Under Armour uniforms for 2014/2015 and perhaps because of the school’s rigid fixation with tradition no one should be shocked the home and away jerseys are pretty much the same as those of old.

Both the home and road jerseys for regular games are essentially identical to the recent Adidas versions. The numbering is the same, as is the trim and the coloring.

While the regular home and away uniforms are predictable and somewhat boring (in that these are nothing we haven’t seen before), the uniform made for Notre Dame's Shamrock Series game against Purdue on Sept. 13 in Indianapolis will no doubt attract a stronger reaction

Notre Dame and Under Armour officially began their 10-year partnership on July 1, this coming after Under Armour signed a 10-year deal worth $90 million with The Fighting Irish in January of this year, the largest shoe and apparel deal in college history.

Much of the cost of the deal will be passed on to Johnny Football Fan, the proverbial man on the street. The premium, authentic jersey, which went on sale Tuesday morning, costs $199, the highest price of any college football jersey at retail (so far) this season.

No word on if there's a hidden pocket to hide answers to exams or not.