Irish "talent" manager Louis Walsh, creator of bands such as Boyzone, Westlife and others who've had big success abroad, but none at all here, has it right on another over-hyped band attempting a comeback - Britain's Spice Girls.

Walsh, who stars alongside Simon Cowell in the U.K. talent show X Factor, used all kinds of Simon-like language this week when discussing Posh Spice and her equally desperate mates, who plan on performing a series of shows starting this winter.

"The Spice Girls are very lucky and very overrated. None of them can sing and their music is not half as good as Girls Aloud's," said Louis. (Naturally the latter group, which is really a Spice ripoff, was discovered by Walsh.)

Louis went on, "Spice Girls appealed to little girls. It wasn't good music mums would buy the albums for their kids it was all about the gimmicks. None of them can stand on their own."

So will he fork out the bucks for one of their reunion shows? Will he perhaps accept a freebie ticket? No way Jose.

"They have nothing else to do, nothing else is happening in their lives. One's just a wife of a footballer and the others are not on the radar. They're well past their sell-by dates. I'm sick of them, like I'm sick of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Let's focus on people with talent and the next big thing."