Now that Liam Neeson has done the Hollywood blockbuster thing with his very big, very violent hit “Taken,” he can return to the kinds of movies which have made him such a respected actor.

Neeson is currently out shopping “Five Minutes of Heaven,” a drama about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. This, of course, is a very personal issue for Neeson who was born in Ballymena, Antrim, in the North.

“Five Minutes of Heaven”, which also stars acclaimed Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt (“Bloody Sunday”), is a character-driven story about events after the most violent years of the Troubles have passed. In the film, two men struggle to deal with a murder that happened many years earlier.

“Five Minutes of Heaven” is currently making the rounds on the film festival circuit, and received raves (as well as awards) at the Sundance Film Festival.  According to Internet reports, Neeson had not watched the completed film until Sundance – meaning he had to watch his performance for the first time along with hundreds of other folks in a crowded theater.

Asked what it was like, he said: “I wouldn’t use the word ‘fun.’ It’s strange – it’s kind of like giving birth. I hadn’t seen the complete film and to see it with 200 other people is a wee bit nerve-wracking. You work on something for quite a long period and then you see it and there’s stuff you can’t change.  And you’re seeing it with a roomful of strangers too. It’s kind of a very odd, unique feeling.”