Jennie G. from Clarkson with McClanahan’s Colleen M., Darcy G. and Clare S. before the flash mob

Dancers sneak towards the flash mob at Nashville’s Riverfront Park

Dancing up a storm at Riverfront Park!

Ending the flash mob with a big finish

If you’ve witnessed a flash mob firsthand, you know how exciting it can be. Who wouldn’t find a group of people suddenly assembling in a public place, performing an unusual routine before quickly dispersing back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life entertaining?

On July 4, a crowd of North American Irish Dancing Championship participants invaded Riverfront Park in Nashville, Tennessee, shocking eager onlookers with a treble reel. No dazzling costumes or wigs needed for this gig. Just regular red, white and blue attire. Perfectly patriotic!

Thanks to Feis America LLC friend Julie McCurry for sharing her terrific photos!

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