Aidan & Alex Boni, Griffin Wilkins, Patrick Mello, Luca Hu, Braedan Mahoney from Harney (MA) and Declan Meager from Marie Moore (NJ) hanging out at the fountain with Feis America!
Ryan Wexler, Luke Voelkel, Jake Garman, Colm Alba and Matt Garman
from Nashville Irish Step Dancers (TN) sporting their NAN 2011 cheerwear!

Greetings from the 2011 American Irish Dancing Championships in Nashville! Yesterday’s events included solo competitions for Senior Ladies, Girls under 13, Girls under 17, Boys under 8, Boys under 9.

Top Five Results for Boys under 8 and under 9… Congratulations!

Boys under 8:
1-Ronan O’Brien from Anthony Costello (Ireland)
2-Peter Mildrew from Boyle (Southern US)
3-Joey Marino from Rince na Tiarna (NY)
4-Daniel Callahan from Lynn (CT/NY)
5-Declan Mangan from Leneghan (Mid America)

Boys under 9:
1-Collin Mountain from Richens Timm (Mid America)
2-Liam Webber from Mulvihill-Lynch (NY)
3-Jude Flurry from Muggivan (Southern US)
4-Ronan Burke from Shea-Jennings (NY)
5-Jacob Parkman from Harney (MA)

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