Before now, no one quite knew why Oasis split up.

The official statement said that the reason for the cancellation of a Paris headline spot at the UK’s V festival in 2009 was that Liam had laryngitis. However, his brother Noel claims that his brother was simply too hungover to play. That was the night that the tension between the family members thickened.

At a press conference at London’s Electric Cinema on July 7th,  Noel Gallagher revealed the real reason, the icing on the cake, as to why he believes the band finally split up.

He claimed that his brother Liam was upset about an ad in the band’s program for the tour. According to the Daily Mail, the breakup “spiralled from a squabble about brother Liam’s demands for a free plug for his clothing range Pretty Green.”

That night, Liam allegedly “stormed into the dressing room wielding a guitar like ‘an axe.’” Noel claims that “‘He nearly took my face off with it.’” Although Noel’s face remained intact, Liam did, however, throw a plum at his brother that splattered against the wall.
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On October 17th, Noel is set to launch his solo, post-Oasis career with his new album, “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.” His second solo album will be released next year; both will be under his own record label, “Sour Mash Records.” His brother, on the other hand, has stuck with band life and now plays with “Beady Eye.”

Despite the fact that the two brothers seem to be blossoming musically while separated, Noel insists that if they had continued the tour, as opposed to stopping two shows early, they would have had time to think and never would have split up.

Liam, however, doesn’t seem to agree with Noel’s account of what happened that night. In response to what his brother said, he posted on his Twitter account, “S***BAG.”