One Direction breakout star Niall Horan knows how to handle his fame, but his older brother may have a bigger appetite for the limelight.

Greg Horan, Niall's 26 year old brother, told The Irish Star this week he loved seeing himself on the big screen in the One Direction movie, This is Us.

In the new film Greg can reportedly be seen at his wedding to Denise Kelly last May, with Niall by his side as best man.

'It was amazing to see my own wedding on the big screen,' said Greg. 'It was, ‘Wow — I’m a big movie star now!'

Greg, who works in Spar supermarket in Mullingar and has recently signed on as a model with the Assets agency, has admitted his family are struggling to come to terms with Niall’s worldwide success.

'Four years ago he was nobody. He was a young lad from Mullingar — and now he’s in the world’s biggest boy band, traveling to the second premiere in a week. It’s amazing,' he said.

Greg added: 'We miss him too. It’s hard, but we know what he does and we’re proud of him for what he does. We have a look at Twitter and see what he’s up to.'

But fame can have a much darker side, as Greg has yet to discover. In recent weeks One Direction fans have threatened to murder band member Harry Styles' new girlfriend.

Vile threats have been posted on Twitter telling rumored love interest Kara Rose Marshall, 22, that she should die.

Harry is said to have flown Marshall to New York to spend time with him before the US premiere of This Is Us, which has enraged some unhinged fans.

One tweeted: 'Why did I just see Harry has a girlfriend on my timeline — I’ll cut you.'

Another wrote: 'The girl I want to kill’s name is Kara Rose Marshall aka Harry’s crush aka the cause of my death.'

Another message read: 'Harry has a crush on Kara Rose Marshall… I’M IN THE MOOD TO KILL SOMEONE.'

Perhaps Greg's ardor for fame might cool off when he reads what some deranged fans are capable of.

Here’s the trailer for “This is Us”:


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