Let's face it, Niall Horan doesn't look like the kind of boy who can keep a secret, but his lips are sealed over an exciting rumor that One Direction may perform at the closing of the Olympics.

The opening, directed by Danny Boyle has received universal praise, and the promoters must be hoping that lightning can strike twice.

If they take the stage, and it's a big if, the popular boy band will be set to appear alongside The Who, Take That and Queen for the closing of the Olympic Games.

According to Musicrooms, earlier in the month One Direction were offered a spot in the top secret line-up for the big finale of the international sports extravaganza, and now a new report in The Mirror claims the lads have decided to join the best of British spectacle.

The question is can they steal the thunder from a rumored reunion of The Spice Girls? Victoria Beckham does not enjoy being considered an also-ran, so there may be more drama going on behind the scenes right now than in an episode of Coronation Street.

The question is who will walk away with the crown?

Irish band member and lad about town Niall Horan recently tweeted, 'Don't know if it's just me, but the excitement in London is unbelievable! Its gonna be a great games.'

One Direction’s spokesperson would not comment on whether the boys will appear at the closing ceremony of the games, which observers say confirms that they will. 

Watch this space and expect some drama.

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