The New York Irish Dance Company is made up of competitive and retired-from-the-competitive-circuit  Irish dancers.  Many of the Irish dancers in the company are ranked or have been ranked as top ten in their age group in the Irish dance world.  Started in Tarrytown, New York through the Lynn Academy of Irish Dance, The New York Irish Dance Company is now a performance group of its own.

 The group is open to Irish dancers from other Irish dance schools and to professional Irish dancers.  There is a Junior performance group and a Senior performance group, and the The New York Irish Dance Company is available for bookings at events of all kinds.

This amazingly talented group of Irish dancers was spotted last night on NBC's America's Got Talented!!  The New York Irish Dance Company received a "yes" vote from judge Howie Mandel and now fans have an opportunity to vote for them to continue on here.  Please click on the link and vote!

The Irish dancers and their families were not even aware of when their audition clip would run on TV until the day before it ran.  The kids and their families involved were sworn to secrecy so that any news of how they did on the show would not leak out before it ran on national television.    

Open Champion Irish dancer Lockie Nidds, who I recently interviewed for Feis America, was a part of the group that auditioned on "America's Got Talent".

More on Lockie Nidds:

From "The New York Irish Dance Company" website:
 "The NY Irish Dance Company was formed to give Irish dancers the creative outlet to take their amazing technical talent, blend it with other forms of dance to create show stopping performance pieces. The company houses a Junior Dance Troupe and Senior Dance Troupe, and the company has already enjoyed much success with its first show, "The Next Step."If you are interested in joining our company email us at [email protected].  If you are interested in booking the NY Irish Dance Company for your corporate event, theater, or function, please contact Christine at 1-877-946-5n966 or e-mail  "
Their promotional video:

We can't wait to hear how this talented group of innovative Irish dancers does on America's Got Talent!!  When votes are requested, we hope you'll vote for them and keep them on the show and eventually in the finals!

Good luck, New York Irish Dance Company!!!

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