by PATRICIA MCNAMARA, Feis America Magazine contributor

Heading to the Clearwater Beach Feis in Florida this weekend or the Oakville Feis in Ontario? What about the Kansas City Feis in Missouri or the Texas Coast Feis? Or maybe you’re packing up for the Constitution State Feis in Connecticut or the Hidden Valley Feis in California.

No matter your competitive destination this Labor Day weekend, we want to share four tunes you should add to your own warm up playlist before lacing up and taking the stage. Best of luck to all competitors and be sure to come back and share your results with us!

"Pump It" – The Black Eyed Peas
It sets the perfect pace to practice your high kicks. And, well, it will get ya pumped to own the stage.

"I Wanna Go" – Britney Spears
Want to go out on stage and show the adjudicators how fierce of a dancer you are? This song will help you do that.

"Shake It Up" – Selena Gomez

Shake off your jitters with this catchy jam.

"Outta Control" – j786

Close your eyes, envision you getting through your steps, and get ready to be in total control of the stage.

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