Meet the McCarthy family – CBS’s new Irish American addition. The sitcom centers on a very tight knit and animated family in the heart of Boston, with all of their ups and downs, and their undying love of the Celtics.

“The McCarthys is about a loud, Irish Catholic family from Boston,” said actor Jimmy Dunn who plays one of the brothers, Sean McCarthy, “and we’re dealing with family issues with a very loud voice.” Joey McIntyre from the 80s boy band “New Kids on the Block” plays another brother, Gerard.

The third brother, Ronny, narrates the show as the beloved black sheep of the family – he’s gay, but that’s not why he’s the black sheep, said executive producer Mike Sikowitz - it’s because he’s not into sports. And now he has to deal with the panic that ensues when he says he’s moving away.

“I’m actually from a big Irish Catholic Boston family,” said executive producer and writer Brian Gallivan, “and I’m the one gay son. Everyone loves sports – my dad was a coach, my brothers, my sisters were coaches,” he continues, relating to his narrator.

The show is self-proclaimed as inappropriate and politically incorrect in its humor. The McCarthys are a loving, codependent and dysfunctional family who’d never actually say “I love you” out loud.

It’s sure to be a laugh. Check out a sneak preview: