A new documentary which charts John Ford’s making of “The Quiet Man” is set to be released in Ireland on June 10.

The new movie will be screened as part of Dublin’s inaugural John Ford Ireland Film Symposium, which runs from June 7-10.

Starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, “The Quiet Man” is one of the most iconic films ever made in Ireland. In 1953 the movie won two Academy Awards for best director and best cinematography.

Narrated by Gabriel Byrne, the new documentary “John Ford: Dreaming The Quiet Man” features interviews with the film’s female leading lady, Maureen O’Hara, as well as Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich and Jim Sheridan.

“I knew what great directors and great actors were like,” Maureen O’Hara said during the documentary, “but I have to honestly say he [John Ford] was the best, really the best. The meanest.”

“Believe me, I would rather work with the – pardon me – the old bastard than not.”

Director Sé Merry Doyle told the Irish Film and Television Network how John Wayne’s daughter, Aissa, also contributed.

“What’s great about this new cut is that John Wayne’s child is now in the film, so you are getting a kind of intimate account of John Wayne and John Ford to John Wayne. It gives a good sense because John Wayne had his children on-set during filming.”

“This is a man regarded by lots of people as the greatest filmmaker in America ever. That just kind of got me going. So I just ventured down to Cong and shot some characters who had been in the film and filmed some crazy stuff, like 'Quiet Man' mania at these get-togethers.”

For more information on the screening click here.

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