Entrepreneurial couple, James Galvin and Miriam Cassidy, have just launched the brand new website USofIreland – the Irish Craft Collective. With a track record of creating successful websites within Ireland, Galvin has now turned his attention to the Irish American diaspora market.

Galvin and Cassidy believe that modern Ireland has much to offer the Irish-American in terms of quality, service and craftsmanship. They believe by offering this collective, customers will find USofIreland as a one-stop shop for the best in Irish crafts, arts and culture.

Galvin explains “Our website exists to show our American cousins that when they are thinking about buying gifts such as jewelry, wood crafts, textiles or ceramics – they should take a look at Ireland. We have some pretty amazing makers creating truly unique products, that will make wonderful gifts for anyone with a cultural connection to the country”.

The start-up has been busy signing up independent designers from all around Ireland, and has so far successfully recruited over 30 independent makers with around 500 products to buy online. The list includes the likes of Chupi, one of the youngest ever jewelry designers to collaborate with TopShop. Also signed up are artists, wood turners, jewelers, leather producers and pottery makers.

CEO Miriam Cassidy states “This is the first time such a website has been created in Ireland. We want to offer the highest level of service that our American customers expect, with unique products that fully reflect contemporary Ireland. Direct from their hands to your home.” Orders on USofIreland are passed to makers directly, who then use FedEx to ship the products to the United States.

Galvin proclaims; “I have a mission to show the Irish diaspora to look beyond the leprechaun and shamrock gifts, and embrace a modern, talented & creative Ireland”.

For more information visit www.usofireland.com, follow them on Twitter, or find and “Like” them on Facebook.