A new movie based on 'The Quiet Man' is to be filmed in Cong, the same village near Connemara where the original took place in 1952.
Former James Bond actor Roger Moore, Aidan Quinn and Geraldine Chaplin will star in the movie called 'Connemara Days,' which will chronicle the arrival of famed Hollywood director John Ford into the little Irish village.

Stacy Keach, star of 'Escape from LA,' will play Ford, who arrived in Cong in 1952 accompanied by John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. The movie, a romantic comedy, will focus on the impact that Ford and his crew had on the local scene.

Electricity had arrived in Cong just weeks before the crew arrived and unemployment was rampant throughout Ireland, but in Cong locals, were paid 30 shillings a week to work on the film - a fortune at the time.

Roger Moore is also executive producer of the movie, which will be directed by Kevin Connor who also directed Marco Polo and Black Beard.

The 'Connemara Days' plot concerns a young local girl, Heather O'Dea, who falls in love with one of Ford's assistant directors.

Roger Moore says he is delighted to be associated with the film.

"The Quiet Man was undoubtedly the best movie John Ford ever directed. It is also one of my all-time favorite films,” he told The Irish Times.

“The opportunity to revisit the time when Hollywood arrived in Ireland to shoot it was simply too delicious an opportunity to miss.”

Director Kevin Connor described the script, which is based on a novel by Steve Mayhew, as “excellent”.

“From the moment I first read the script, I loved it,” Connor said.  “Steve Mayhew has blended a terrific story of the reaction of a rural community to Hollywood’s biggest stars arriving, added to the looming electrification of the region, to produce a touching, funny and endearing screenplay in the mould of the great Ealing comedy classics.”