A new movie starring Joan Collins and Lydia Hearst is based on the troubled past of Lindsay Lohan. “Dogs in Pocketbooks” is based on Lohan’s past going in and out of jail and rehab.
Hearst will play the role of the young starlet while Collins will play her high-powered agent. Filming will begin in February.
Collins told New York Post’s Page Six “The script is a hoot -- a satire on the crazed hysteria surrounding showbiz celebrities. I'm playing an aggressive, sexy, powerful woman. For a change."
Charles Casillo, the screenwriter said “Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab, in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media -- a role obviously based on Lindsay Lohan. I spent a lot of time casting for the right actress for this screwball comedy, but Lydia is perfect. ... We looked at a lot of actresses for this role, and I was really knocked out.
"[The movie] is in no way mean-spirited towards Lindsay. It's the kind of thing she has spoofed about herself in the past. It's more of a satire about the crazy people around her and the situations they generate. It satirizes the obsession with modern celebrity.”
Lindsay’s formerly estranged father, Michael Lohan, has criticized the movie. Speaking to X17 he said “If people are that fascinated with Lindsay and our family, then great. But the Hearsts have an interesting background themselves, and I'd think they'd want to do a movie on their own family."
He continued "Personally, I don't understand why Mr Casillo and Lydia Hearst find the need to make a movie about Lindsay and our family when the Hearst family probably has more drama than ours.
"Besides, how can you make a movie about a family when you don't have the facts? I smell more attorney fees brewing. If this is a satire, I bet they get Courtney Love to play Dina, Mel Gibson to play me, and Lydia should really fit the bill as Lindsay."