Acclaimed Irish Director Jim Sheridan has another high profile movie on the way. “Brothers” stars Jake Gyllenhaal , Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire and is set for a December 4 release.

The movie is a remake of 2004 Danish film “Brødre.” Sam Cahill (Maguire) plays a decorated soldier on duty in Afghanistan who goes missing in a helicopter crash and is presumed dead.

 The Army contacts his family and his wife Grace (Portman) is left to grieve his loss and bring up their two daughters on her own. 

However, help comes from an unexpected source – Sam’s ne’er-do-well brother Tommy (Gyllenhaal).

The former bad boy (just released from prison) makes an impression on the family and forms a bond with Grace and her kids.

Out of the blue one day Grace gets a call from the Army telling her that Sam is not in fact dead, and is on his way home – with a serious case of post traumatic stress disorder.

Films that open in December are normally prepped for award season and the strong cast and director hint that this movie will be angling for honors.

The subject matter is a tough one and joins a list of movies that deal with the problems faced by returning U.S. soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq.

However, with movies like "In the Name of the Father" on his resume, Sheridan has proved that he is not afraid to make movies that address controversial issues.