Can't get a good seat for U2 this summer? It might be because state officials In New Jersey bagged the best ones.

According to Blooberg News, New Jersey State House bigwigs have allegedly received 57 tickets for Bruce Springsteen, The Jonas Brothers and U2 concerts, before the tickets became available to the public.

Officials got a lead on some of the year's hottest shows by obtaining seats through the state agency, which operates the two venues.

Court records show that more than 350 seats for 15 concerts were set aside for the top officials, according to a report in Bloomberg today.

The underhanded ticket sales reportedly came at the same time the state is suing online ticket brokers for offering some purchasers an unfair advantage.

Tapping the agency for tickets may also violate ethics rules that bar officials from taking "unwarranted privileges," the head of the state Ethics Commission said.

"The means by which the tickets are secured has everything to do with undue access and using official position to secure an unfair advantage," said Paula Franzese, chair of the New Jersey Ethics Commission.

"The public can't help but feel violated when the perception is some are entitled to special treatment, but not others."

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