British filmmaker Nick Broomfield has filmed a new documentary about the thriller from Wasilla titled Sarah Palin—You Betcha! and the film just had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this week.

Composed of in rumor, insinuation and the delightfully cheap theatrics of the director himself, the film combs the icy streets of Wasilla to score interviews with the seemingly endless of line of people who detest her personally or politically (or both).

Among the disgruntled are a man she defeated for the Wasilla mayorship, or the Democratic state senate president during her aborted governorship, seasoned with a few former deeply disgruntled employees.

Broomfield tracks down Tank Jones, who describes himself as Levi Johnston's agent. Jones informs him he wants $20,000 for a conversation with Levi that might talk about drugs in the Palin house and the other lovers of Sarah and Todd.


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Broomfield offers the knockoff price of $500. What that buys is an interview with Levi's sister. What he discovers is the Palin families talent for getting into feuds with almost everyone they encounter.

Broomfield spends most of the film trying to land an interview with Palin herself, unsuccessfully o course. He does manage to approach her at a book signing to shout out: 'Do you think your political career is over?'

Minutes later he is escorted out of the book store.

Too slight to do more than mildly entertain her detractors and too kooky to worry her supporters, it remains to be seen who its audience will be when it opens.