"2012," the new blockbuster movie from director Roland Emmerich about the end of the world, is clearly anti-Catholic. It stars Irish-American actor John Cusack, who is obviously along for the payday. 

Now, I'm no Bill O'Donohue, the blowhard head of the Catholic League who sees blasphemy in every mention of his religion not stamped and approved by the Vatican — and most of the time Bill and I disagree strongly.

But "2012" is something else. 

Consider the trailer I just watched. As the Website Creative Minority Report noticed:

At the 20 second mark: The arms of the Jesus the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro fall off and the statue topples.

34 seconds: 50,000 people with candles standing in St. Peter's Square look up at the Pope, who's looking down at them.

36 seconds: Lots of people all making the sign of the Cross. Then the fireballs begin to drop.

50 seconds: There's an image of St. Peter's Basilica toppling.

52 seconds: The trailer cuts to Cardinals inside praying as they see the art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel  breaking apart, and presumably crushing them.

54 seconds: Those people who were praying with candles outside are now screaming and running. The dome of St. Peter's is crashing down on top of them. 

Holy Toledo, that's a lot of destroyed Catholic icons right there!

We don't see Mecca crumbing, or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir fleeing the premises. No sings of Hindu gods crashing or the Taj Mahal collapsing.

No, just good old Catholic mayhem.

Emmerich has made no bones about  his own anti-religious bias.

The Guardian reports that in his house "Mao and Lenin fill the length of the living room wall, and an Old Master-style painting of the Crucifixion shows Jesus sporting a Wham T-shirt"

Wham was the group started in the 1980s by George Michael, who is nowadays most famous for being arrested for soliciting sex outside men's bathrooms in Britain.

In the guest bathroom, Creative Minority Report says there is a portrait of Saddam Hussein. In a closet is a painting of John Paul II reading his own obituary

Let's not jump to conclusions here, but when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's usually a duck.

Or a dog of a movie getting cheap thrills out of a fantasy of destroying the icons of a world-revered religion.

That's Hollywood, folks.