During the summer of 2012, I traveled all over the west coast of Ireland with my university. The study abroad trip was lead by the champion of the Hofstra Irish Studies department, Patricia Cregan Navarra.

Throughout my 25 day stay I took somewhere around 500 photos. This is also while taking two classes and attempting to learn the native language (which was a mouthful and I probably bit off more than I could chew, but I survived).

The photos I took centered around the natural beauty of Ireland but also featured the people, places, and parties Galway and Kerry had to offer.

It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back!

If you've any photos from your vacation to share check out the Aisling Irish Center photo competition here. Winners and top photos will be showcased on IrishCentral.


Galway's Quay St. is lined with talented buskers and tiny, adorable children dancing.

Just a friendly reminder that Ireland has a booming farming industry.

And a thriving fishing economy.

The 2012 Galway Arts Festival was completely nuts. It was so much fun.

A castle I never managed to learn the name of on the Corrib River.

This bizarre rock really stuck out to me.

Favorite pub in Dingle.

A hidden sanctuary off the path that traces along the Corrib River.

Adare Town Park, Co. Limerick.

Cliffs of Moher in the distance. I still have a notebook that I wrote in from that trip and on one of the pages it says, "I can see the cliffs of Moher. I can feel peace. I am happy."

Cheery colored houses help combat the cloudy, grey skies.

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