The Los Angeles suburb of Westwood has just entered the "Twilight" zone.

More will be arriving soon.

Hundreds of young women are already lining up to see the premiere of "New Moon," the latest Robert Pattinson movie on Monday.

Alison Genet, 35, who came from Arizona, was first in line and arrived Thursday morning, according to the Los Angeles Times . 

"I couldn't get here fast enough," said Genet. "I want to be front and center when Monday comes around."

Many fans held posters of Pattinson , some of which read "Suck my Blood Edward," 'a reference to the Edward Cullen character that Pattinson plays.

There were even popsicles made of laminated paper with a picture of Pattinson  on an icicle stick. "They're laminated," said one woman . '"So if you feel the urge to lick -- which we've already seen happen -- it's OK."

Those waiting in line did various things to pass the time  Some knitted while others slept and others made cardboard signs. "I can't believe people are out here already," said Kelly Meeker, 22, a law student at UCLA who was walking down La Conte Avenue told the LA Times.

"I've read the books; it's cool . . . but I wouldn't camp out like this. This is crazy."

Some disagreed "Rob is a very good reason to do just about anything,"  Kelly Orr, 23, a psychology major at Cal State Fullerton told the newspaper. "It's like "Twilight"-fest. First the premiere. Then the midnight screening. There can never be too much Rob."

The movie officially opens across the country on Friday, and beause Ireland is deeply steeped in vampire lore, Irish and Irish-American movie-lovers are planning on front-row (or any row) seats!