Irish singer and former Girls Aloud member has not spoken to the rest of the Girls Aloud but according to Nicola Roberts, there are no hard feelings.

The once clicky, pretty gals, who won "Popstars - The Rivals" in 2002, were tight for many years.

They made millions while on tour in Europe and then, like most girl and boy bands, they split up for a year.

Coyle moved to L.A. in an effort to pursue a solo musical career at this end and the girls had a big falling out.

The rest of the band got back together, sans Coyle from Belfast.

The gals have not spoken to Coyle since last fall.

Bandmate Nicole Roberts said: "If I'm really honest, we haven't spoken to Nadine since we did the Coldplay gig at Wembley in September.

"I talked to the other girls about it on Monday and no, none of us have heard from her. But there's no feud."

Pity because we haven't heard much from Nadine this side of the pond.

Wikipedia said Coyle is currently working on solo material for her debut album due for release in 2010.

She is working with a management/PR team which has formerly worked with artists such as Madonna.

She has also worked with songwriter Guy Chambers.