SEE PHOTOS: 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'

Perhaps the second most anticipated British wedding, last night my Big Fat Gyspy Wedding aired last night on Channel 4.

Blushing bride Mary was adamant her wedding would be bigger than the Royal Affair, that her dress would more impressive and that her train would be longer.

The bride told the Sun newspaper “I’d rather marry my Paddy than a prince”.

The couples wedding was broadcast last night on the latest series of “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”.

The episode showed dressmaker Thelma Madine close to breaking point as her team are challenged to make the most flamboyant gypsy wedding dress ever, using one mile one mile of fabric.

Viewers watched as chief designer Leanne quit under the strain as the seamstress's realized they had only five days to hand sew on 40,000 crystals, a painstaking job that would normally take up to ten days.

Other highlights included the couple being turned down by over 50 hotels as they tried to secure a venue, before an animal sanctuary with a function room agreed to host the wedding reception.

A confident Mary told the cameras that Kate and William would have a hard job topping their day.
She said: "It will never be as good as this."

Talking about life after the wedding, Mary admitted that she was looking forward to her new traveler life with Paddy.

She revealed: "He thinks he owns me already - he has the same strictness as my dad.

"But I'd never swap places with Kate to marry Prince William. Never!

"Yes, I will travel around in a trailer. Married life will probably be different, but I am looking forward to it because I am spending my life with the man I love."
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