The English folk rock band Mumford & Sons swear a great deal of their success is because people around the world mistake them for Irish.

Given their folk sound – including an accordion, mandolin and double bass with close harmonies – it’s not surprising that the band are thought to be Irish.

The band’s keyboard player Ben Lovett said, "Everyone thinks we're Irish. There's an Irish bar in every town - it's the secret of our success."

Winston Marshall, the band’s banjo player, says that their success also lies in their American sounds, but points out, “We're in a long line of English people pretending to be Americans and not being as good as Americans."

The band, led up by front man Marcus Mumford, husband of Carey Mulligan, are known for spending a great deal of time on the road touring, especially in the United States.

The Grammy Award-winning smash hit-makers are far from slumming it on tour however, as Marcus pointed out he’s not used to roughing it on tour. He said “I went camping on a stag weekend and hated it. [And] you can't s**t on the bus. You still brush your teeth outside and spit it out, just like on a campsite."