Mr. World, aka Kamal Ibrahim, a 24-year-old Limerick man, has had a near-death experience when his parachute failed to open at 3,000-feet.
Ibrahim had been planning to break a skydiving record in a bit to raise awareness for the Variety Club of Ireland. However due to safety precautions he has been forced to push back the attempt until next year.
Ibrahim has just returned to Ireland. While in the U.S. he completed 150 skydives as part of his preparation to become the record breaker.
"I'm still planning to do the jump but at the moment it's just not possible due to safety concerns. I don't want to risk my life,” said Ibrahim, while speaking to the Evening Herald.
"There was a scary situation a few weeks ago while I was training in the U.S.
"I was about 3,000ft from the ground when I realized that the link in the pilot chute was missing.
"It's the piece which pulls everything out of the bag so you can land safely -- so it was very scary.
"The parachute didn't inflate and I was about 15 seconds from the ground, but thankfully I managed to get it loose by jiggling around the bag.
"The whole thing was delayed by about four seconds, but when you're falling from the sky you fall 1,000ft every five seconds so it felt like a very long time.
"I was genuinely scared that I was falling to my death.
"I really panicked when I realized I went from free falling to just falling but thankfully it all worked out okay.
"Afterwards I just had to go to bed for the rest of the day. The adrenaline was absolutely exhausting."
Ibrahim insisted that the shock of the faulty parachute has nothing to with the postponement. He said “I'm still definitely going to do it, but sometime next year instead…It's just not safe at this time of year due to the weather conditions.
"I'm planning to do a stunt with a helicopter somewhere across Dublin to raise funds for the Variety Club in the meantime.
"The money is going to be used to buy Liberty Swings which are special swings for children with disabilities."
Reigning Mr World has recently established his own production company KI Productions. While in the U.S. he also spent time filming a new RTE (Ireland’s national broadcaster) documentary.
He explained “It's called Two For The Road but I can't say much about it. I was filming in Colorado. I had a great time, but I'm delighted to be home."