Susan Boyle's brother Gerry has said he believes a movie of her life will be made and that he'd like Kathy Bates to play the Scottish star.

Gerry told that he would not be "surprised in the least if there was a film made" of his sister's life, adding he would "personally like to see Kathy Bates play my sister."

if she wasn't available Gerry would like British actress Brenda Blethyn to play the role. The story comes amid persistent reports that "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell will be making a film about the 48-year-old Scottish singer.

Can't say I agree. At 61 Kathy Bates would be 13 years older than Susan Boyle and is unfortunately well past her prime. Since playing Molly Brown in the Titanic movie she has hardly figured in Hollywood. I'm afraid Gerry Boyle is doing his sister no favors here

How about Andi MacDowell? The gorgeous L'Oreal model is 51 and much closer to Susan's age. Andie has Scottish heritage and has already acted in such major blockbusters as 'Four Weddings and a Funeral " and "Groundhog Day."

As for the role of Simon, there is only one choice: ' Pierce Brosnan, the suave Irish-born actor fits the part to a 'T'. As a former James Bond, Simon's considerable ego would be massaged by having such a huge name play him.

As for the nasty sisters, Sharon Osbourne and Amanda Holden, I have some suggestions. Cher's daughter Chastity would play a perfect Sharon and Goldie Hawn,with her ditzy look and mindless machinations would make a perfect Amanda.