New paparazzi pictures of Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman costume incites more speculation into the functionality of her suit in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman installment of ‘Dark Knight Rises.’

In August, Anne Hathaway was depicted on set in her Catwoman costume.The photo triggered a stir of questions as it showed a costume that seemed to drastically depart from previous Catwomans, including 2004’s Halle Berry, in both form and functionality. MTV did a preliminary analysis of the pictures.

Following the deluge of questions, Hathaway retorted by saying that viewers had only seen “about a tenth of what the suit can do.”

But, paparazzi have snapped up new photos of Hathaway as Catwoman and the pictures have put some questions to rest. One of the most resounding questions - ‘Where are Catwoman’s ears?’ - was hushed when they were shown clearly in the newest pap pics.

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However, some questions still linger. Hathaway is hidden by two different forms of a face mask in either picture, suggesting different plot points and thematic direction for the new film.

MTV offers another round of analysis of the new paparazzi pictures. Where are the claws, are they retractable? Do Catwoman’s sexy high heels double as weaponry? And what’s up with the long hair? MTV is sure that more paparazzi shots will leak soon providing more insight into Catwoman’s new suit.

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