Welcome back to PLAYIRISH with Irish Central. The folks here at Irish Central want to bring you the best music from Ireland, mostly new, some great oldies - so they contacted IRELAND (well IASCA) to see what's going on. IASCA then started talking to the folks in the know at radio, music blogs, tv and Irish press, who all chose their favourite Irish song right now, just for you!

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This week we have even more amazing music to please your Irish ears!!

All Tvvins (pronounce All Twins) Dublin
The duo were started their music life in other bands, and when they came together as All Tvvins, the magic happened. Loved by radio in Ireland (and the UK it seems) Thank You is an instant winner of a track..

Sonny Condell (Wickow)
Now, we don't always want to intro you to brand new Irish bands, or brand new music from established bands, we do want to throw in an oldie, but a goodie, every now and then. Sonny Condell is an Irish singer-songwriter and multiinstrumentalist. He released some hits in Ireland as a solo artist like "Down in the city" in 1977. For some years, Sonny has got his own solo band called Radar, although he still plays and tours with Tír na nÓg and Scullion.

Colm Mac Can Iomaire (Dublin)
Mac Con Iomaire is Irish language surname and means Son of an Iomaire! Colm is a well known Irish language speaker, but is better known as playing violin and singing vocals with the Irish Rock group The Frames.Colm has been involved with them since 1990 and has also been a member of the Swell Season since 2006 (alongside Oscar winning Glen Hansard) Emer's Dream is a stunning piece of music from Colm's first solo album. His eagerly awaited second album '..and here's the Weather' is due for release next month.

Jape (Dublin)
The only artist to win the Choice Music Prize – Irish Album of the Year TWICE, Ritchie Egan and co are a popular choice for us here in Ireland. Having just released their brand new album, This Chemical Sea, put this on before you go out it will get you in the mood!

Chris Haze (Galway)
Chris Haze is an independent singer/songwriterwho started playing the guitar in 2011 and since then he has been doing nothing but play and write music that relates to current times and situations worldwide. As well as being named a ‘Hot For 2015’ artist by Hotpress Magazine he was also nominated by Hotpress to win the readers award for ‘Most Promising Artist’ up against the like of Hozier.

Orla Gartland (Dublin)
Orla gained popularity from posting cover songs on her You Tube page. At present, her YouTube channel has received over 11 million views in total. Gartland describes her music as folk pop, most heavily influenced by Joni Mitches, Regina Spector and Imogen Heap. She frequently refers to herself as a "music makin' ginger nutcase". She is also currently on tour in the USA, so if you would like to see her live, here are the dates: http://www.orlagartland.com/tickets/

O Emperor (Waterford)
O Emperor are a five piece rock band. All members met in secondary school in Waterford and for these years went under a number of guises, performing covers in pubs and clubs throughout Waterford city. The five went to college in Cork and during this period, evolved into an original outfit called O Emperor in 2009.

Jet Setter (Dublin)
Dublin quartet Jet Setter trades in tightly wound, spring-loaded guitar rock that goes heavy on the melody and the melancholy without losing its brisk forward momentum. Channeling influences like The Replacements, The Clean and The Stooges, they are fast making a name for their fuzzy, straight-to-the-point, Indie-Rock. Formed during a late-night party in the Dublin's R.A.G.E record shop over fresh icy drinks and Joe Tex - "Ain't Gonna Bump No More" the result is original, refreshing and powerful.

Brian Casey (Cork)
Brian’s memories of his early life are dominated by a desire to try and explore every musical instrument that crossed his path, and since then, bar a brief detour to study journalism – the world’s least safe fallback career, that is what he has been doing. Never staying still, 2015 will see the completion of a debut album between touring and other production projects, expanding on the sounds and themes of Rain Songs and Casey’s 2013 debut EP, Plain Sailing.

The Flaws (Monaghan)
The Flaws are the Irish band that should've have made it by now, but haven't, but still will! The band released their debut EP in Summer 2005 and have since released two full-length studio albums, 'Achieving Vagueness' in 2007 and 'Constant Adventure' in 2010. Their new single That's What you Get is currently 'single of the week' on a number of Irish radio stations…

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