More details about the sequel to Liam Neeson’s 2009 hit ‘Taken’ have begun to emerge. The sequel, which is set to begin filming this month, is yet unnamed and has a release date of October 5, 2012, according to the Examiner.

Liam Neeson will again be undertaking his role of Bryan Mills, whose daughter was kidnapped and forced into human trafficking while in France in the first film. By the end of the film, Mills had killed his daughter’s kidnapper and brought her to safety in a whirlwind thriller.
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The sequel, however, turns the tables as it is Neeson’s character and his wife, played again by Famke Janssen, who will be the ones kidnapped by Murad, the father of Mill’s daughter’s kidnapper. With Murad capturing Mills and his wife in the new sequel, all signs point to a film bent on revenge by both Murad and Mills.

Oliver Megaton is again directing Neeson and company in the second Taken which is sure to be as thrilling as the first.

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