I'm beginning to suspect that someone's put a sort of voodoo hex on Lindsay Lohan. As is the events of recent weeks haven't been a big enough downer for the troubled star we learn that Chris Sullivan, who is Dina’s brother and Lindsay’s uncle, has passed away.

In recent weeks the former child star has been out partying every night until 6 a.m. and just can’t seem to get herself together. Now she has been sent even more bad news.

Sources say Lindsay rushed to be by her mom’s side and took some time to tweet about the entire situation. She wrote: my mom’s brother, my uncle-whos amazing, just passed- may he rest in peace….rushing to see @DinaMLohan -i love you mommy xx”

Lindsay later wrote 'I don’t know how to feel as I’m rushing home to my mom’s house after just wrapping work nearly 3 hours ago or less…. I feel sick'

Let’s hope this doesn’t send Lindsay into another spiral.

Lindsay Lohan