With his new movie "Moon" getting rave reviews and critical acclaim, writer and director Duncan Jones - and son of legendary artist David Bowie - may have a bit of Irish luck up his sleeve.

The 38-year-old writer and director hails from Kent, England but in casting for "Moon," Jones chose Irish actress Dominique McElligott to play the earth-bound wife of astronaut Sam Bell (played by actor Sam Rockwell).

Though Tess Bell (McElligott) is only seen through video tapes and the vivid hallucinations while Sam is stationed on the moon, McElligott transcends her small role and gives the sci-fi movie a bit of heart.

Jones, who recently did an interview with Ireland’s Evening Herald, said McElligott was one of the most talented actresses he’s ever worked with. “I think she has a very promising career ahead of her and I'd be happy to work with her again.”

"Moon" marks McElligott’s first role in a major film and Jones mentioned he has not ruled out casting her in a bigger role in another one of his films.

McElligott, who plays wild-child Rebecca Marsh on Ireland's RTE drama series "Raw," is just one of the many actors from Ireland getting their big break in Hollywood.

During the promotional tour for "Moon," Jones appeared at several Dublin theaters and held question and answer sessions with the audiences.

While in Ireland, Jones said he was scouting talent for his next film. “There are a number of Irish actors I'm looking at for my next movie which is called Mute, who I might see while I'm here, although I can't give too much away until it's finalised” Jones said.

Though better known for being Bowie's son, the writer and director is making a name for himself in the film industry. According to IMDb.com, Jones has two projects in production. Hopefully, these anticipated films will feature some of Ireland’s gifted actors.