Limerick girl Madeline Mulqeen has seen her life turn around since she was featured in the runaway You Tube video for The Rubberbandits’ hit track ‘Horse Outside.’ Close to 2 million people have now viewed it.

Because of the video, Madeline's modeling agency has been receiving enquiries about her from potential clients in Paris, London and further afield.

"It's an absolute dream because I really want to be a professional model. The only thing I have to come clean about is that I was never on a horse until I filmed the Rubberbandits video, so any guy with a horse outside could be disappointed," she joked.

The 20-year-old model plays a sassy bridesmaid in the pop video, which has taken Ireland and now the world by storm.

"I'd never been a bridesmaid in real life, so the whole thing was new to me,” she told the Irish Independent.

"If I was trying to describe the character I played in the video, I'd say she's the girl everybody wants, but her brothers would beat you up if you got with her. That gives her all the attitude.”

The Munster beauty is very different from the gum-chewing bridesmaid who steals the show in the video.

"I don't think I've a dress that tight in my wardrobe.

"The horses and the plastic-bag look obviously do it for her," she joked.

Mulqeen won a nationwide model search competition in June of this year. She is now represented by the Martina Costelloe Agency, in Ennis, Co Clare.

Although she is now based in Dublin, a chance meeting with The Rubberbandits in her home town of Limerick resulted in her starring in the hit video.

"They told me I looked cool, mentioned they were doing a video, and asked me did I want to be in it. Of course, being a Rubberbandits fan, I said yes."

The video was filmed last October in Limerick, and both Mulqueen and The Rubberbandits have credited RTE Republic Of Telly director Peter Foott with its unique look.

"Peter was brilliant at telling us what to do. The weird thing is that it felt like a real wedding. But what I really remember about the shoot was how much laughing was going on.

"It really was an exercise in trying not to laugh with everybody roaring their heads off," she added.

She said she had no idea how the video would be received until after it was screened on Republic Of Telly two weeks ago.

"It's just gone crazy. The phone really hasn't stopped ringing. Both the song and the video get more and more popular every day," she said.

The Rubberbandits are currently at number 2 in the Irish singles chart and will find out next Friday if they secured the coveted Christmas Number one slot.