The current Miss Ireland has spoken about how she is determined not to let “ignorant” racists have an impact on her relationship with her Nigerian boyfriend Manners Oshafi.

Emma Waldron, who came fourth in the Miss World competition before Christmas, has been the victim of an vicious Internet campaign, due to her relationship with her black boyfriend.

The 21-year-old was forced to report an online poster which targeted her with hateful and racist comments.

One person branded her “disgusting” for dating a black man. The brunette told the Irish Daily Mail on Sunday that people set up Twitter accounts to target the couple.

'One Twitter account was set up specifically to send me hateful comments. But I blocked them and reported them so I don't get the messages any more,' she said.

The couple who have been dating for almost a year have vowed not to let the hateful comments affect them.

'We are a very strong couple and we don't really care what people think.

'We have not been affected at all by the remarks on Twitter as it just stems from people's ignorance,' said Manners.

'I have experienced negative comments on nights out and on social networking sites but it doesn't bother me,” Emma added.

'I will never let someone's ignorance affect my love for Manners. He is the most amazing person I have ever met.

'What colour my skin is doesn't matter to him and what colour his skin is doesn't matter to me.

'What matters in friendship and love is the heart and soul of the person you are in a relationship with and his heart is so big and I'm lucky to be in it,' she said.

The Kildare beauty said she feels that Irish is a multi-cultural society and that people should be educated.

I think that Ireland is so rich in many cultures and often times preconceived notions influence how people treat others who are of different colour, creed or sexuality.

'We need to help break down the barriers that sometimes build up in our homes, schools and society. The way to do this is by educating people.'

With a Swedish grandmother and a part- Italian dad the Miss Ireland winner says her family have always been open minded.


Emma Waldron