Former Derek Jetter fiance and “Charlies Angel” star Minka Kelly has the honor of playing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the movie “The Butler”.

Minka’s character is not going to be the main focus of the movie, but as the first lady to John F Kennedy, she will be an important part of the movies story.

The movie follows several presidents throughout their time at the White House. The movie will center on the life of a White House butler, who was on the job throughout the reign of eight presidents.

Forest Whitaker plays the lead role of the butler. Oprah Winfrey will make a comeback to the big screen to play his wife.

Several other big names will take on the roles of presidents. Matthew McConaughey will play Kennedy. Liam Neeson stars as Lyndon Johnson. John Cusack portrays Richard Nixon and Alan Rickman takes on Ronald Reagan.

Minka Kelly and the rest of the star studded cast will be appearing in 2013 in The Butler but there still is no set release date.