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ABC just can't quit Charlies Angels and are obviously hoping the formula, that once rocked the 1970's, can catch fire again during the Great Recession.

To give the show a big shot in the arm this go around the thief the three ladies are assisted by the molten hot computer hacker Bosley (played by Ramon Rodriguez).

Actress Minka Kelly who plays bad girl Eve in the news series says her new gig means she'll be unlikely to return to the NBC drama Parenthood, as it films in Los Angeles and her new show shoots in Miami. And obviously she's glad to land a new show after Friday Night Lights ended?

'I wasn’t necessarily looking for another series,' Kelly told Collider. 'I was just looking for another job, and this was just very attractive to me. I thought that it was a great script. I loved the people involved. Just the camaraderie of the three women, I was very attracted to that. And then, the fact that we all have broken pasts is something that I’m very attracted to, along with being able to turn your life around and do good with it. That’s something that I’m excited about, along with playing a different character than I’ve ever played before. This girl is a bit of a badass, and she’s not broken by a boy. I’m excited about that, and to be surrounded by these strong, beautiful, smart women.'

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Kelly also candidly admits she identifies with Eve, the Angle she plays in the new series.

'Well, the thing about Eve is that, because she was an orphan and she was on her own her entire life, and she had to fight for and fend for herself to survive, I think I have a lot in common with her, on that aspect. I am an only child and I was raised by a single mother, and we moved around a lot. I understand what that’s about. And, I also understand what it is to create your own family. I’m really attracted to that aspect of the show, as far as making these girls and Bosley my family. I’m not alone in that. I think there a lot of people in the world that have that in common with myself and Eve.'

Asked how she feels about becoming a sex symbol she erupts with laughter.

'I think that’s hilarious. It’s incredibly flattering, of course, but if you knew me, in my daily life, you would laugh. You have to laugh at yourself. You can’t take any of that too seriously, otherwise I’d have to take the negative stuff just as seriously. So, I just take all of that with a grain of salt.'

PHOTOS - Minka Kelly slideshow