Milwaukee Irish Fest 2023 kicked off its weekend of festivities on Friday and will be live-streaming musical performances on the final day of the festival on Sunday.

IrishCentral is delighted to be partnering with our friends at Milwaukee Irish Fest to bring you select live streams right here on IrishCentral and over on our IrishCentral Facebook page beginning Friday, August 18, and wrapping up on Sunday, August 20.

(If you're lucky enough to be heading to Milwaukee Irish Fest in person, be sure to check out this guide of must-see events!)

Sunday, August 20 at 6:15 pm CT - Wallis Bird

The front cover of Irish-born, Berlin-based WALLIS BIRD’s new album features a black and white photograph of a hand. A cursory look might not reveal anything unusual, but it only takes a moment to recognise it’s no ordinary hand. In the shadows, there’s a stump where the little finger should be, and something seems off about the other digits too. Some will understand its significance: they’ll have seen it strumming an upside-down, right-handed guitar, picking in unorthodox style, forming unconventional chords. The hand, you see, is WALLIS BIRD’s, and it’s there because, having spent much of her life trying to exist despite its restrictions, she’s reached a point where she recognises that, in many ways, it’s always been vital to her lived reality. With this has come a realisation of “who I am, what I am, and what I don’t want.”

"HANDS" documents her subsequent process of change, and its consequences, with typically distinctive style, making it – hands down, naturally – one of the most honest albums you’ll hear at a time when honesty is at a premium.

Don't miss WALLIS BIRD performing on the Celtic Roots Stage at Milwaukee Irish Fest!

Milwaukee Irish Fest is presented by CelticMKE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Irish, Irish American, and Celtic cultures.  

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