Sarah Jessica Parker, 45, has often joked that she would like to play a teenage Carrie Bradshaw in the proposed prequel to the Sex And The City series, but it turns out Miley Cyrus is the hot favorite to get that role.

Creator Candace Bushnell suggested back in September 2008 that the 'Hannah Montana' star would be ideal to star as a young Carrie during her high school years in a movie based on her latest book 'The Carrie Diaries.'

Cyrus currently has a cameo role in 'Sex And The City 2' appearing on the red carpet of a film premier wearing a similar dress to Kim Cattrall.

But Harry Potter beauty Emma Watson is also said to be in the running so the field is wide open.

Teen Irish film star Saoirse Ronan is also being considered, and with her Irish charm she might actually be the best fit. Watch this space!

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