The “Hannah Montana” star insists she would rather be a role model who people look up to than an idealistic figure that teenagers want to be

She said: “If you look at me as a role model I agree with it. If you look at me as an idol, I don’t agree.

“An idol for me is someone that you want to replicate. You want to be them.

“I don’t wish that on anyone, to lose what they have personally,because that’s when your spark goes.”

Miley, 16  - whose controversial behaviour has included appearing in racy photos published in Vanity Fair magazine, dancing with a stripper pole during this year's Teen Choice Awards, and seemingly grabbing her crotch during a concert – also revealed she is planning to undertake
charity work in Indonesia next year.

She told Britain’s Daily Record newspaper: “I’ve been planning going to Indonesia since I was eight.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I was never old enough to go with my church when they all headed out there.”

Miley was recently voted Worst Celebrity Influence by a teen website.