The teen superstar Miley Cyrus said she disapproves of how Madonna and Angelina put their kids in front of the camera yesterday.

In an interview for Irish TV that will air on Monday the young singer criticized the two older superstars for placing their children in the public eye. Cyrus “really disagrees with it,” she told Lisa Cannon on an Irish celebrity TV show, according to Ireland's Evening Herald.

Cyrus herself is daughter of singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus. She first auditioned for her part in "Hannah Montana" when she was 11 years old.

The children have no say in the matter, she added in her critique of Angelina and Madonna.

In contrast, she said Lady GaGa was her inspiration. When they met recently in Blackpool, England, the flamboyant singer gave Cyrus some good advice. "She told me to be whoever I want to be," the singer said.

Cyrus was doing a string of interviews while she stays in Dublin. Last night she appeared in a pre-recorded interview on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy.

The 17-year-old star has been spotted shopping in Dublin, and she said she has been "very impressed the way no one hassles me here."

She also spoke about her heart condition, tachycardia, which she has had since birth, and said that because of it she has to try not to get stressed. Before her Dublin gigs she fed the ducks and took a stroll around St. Stephen’s Green to relax.

Yet the “Hannah Montana” star has an intense schedule lined up. As well as giving interviews she played two gigs in Dublin as part of her Wonder World tour, and over the next 10 days she performs in London, Birmingham and Manchester.