Oh no - Miley Cyrus and Robert Pattinson have really gone and done it now!

They have made Jimmy Fallon's Day. The Irish late night host who regularly mocks Robert Pattinson will have great fun with this I can see.

Miley Cyrus is interested in Rob Pattinson. She said so after the "Teen Choice" awards at the weekend.

Her Tweet yesterday said it all: "Give a hug to Rob Pattinson-- ok girls i get it now -- so cute-- sorry about all my bashing in the past."

That last is a reference to earlier snooty comments that she was "not a huge fan" of RP and that girls were in love with the character Edward Cullen, not RP.

Miley was dressed in a short-short mini-skirt at the awards.

This girl is turning into Britney - "wanna see my underwear" - Spears mark two. She was only a half inch away from that on Saturday night.

She wants out of the Disney juvenile play acting and to strut her stuff.

You go girl!

If she hooks up with RPatz then two of the most overblown and underachieving egos in the universe may soon be colliding - and I don't mean Miley.

How awful. Well maybe not. Think of RPatz's future father in-law, the awful Billy Ray Cyrus -- he's the worst.

He's living off his star kid while giving the worst acting performances in history .

Have you seen him? He'd give you nightmares faster than a vampire. He's the Toledo Mud Hens of the acting major leagues.

Maybe he'd get into the "Twilight" movies - he and Patz would have something in common - two of the worst actors on earth hamming it up.

I'd travel 5,000 miles to see that.

Patz doesn't wash, it appears and Billy doesn't act.

Together they could make a great soap opera.

Oh Miley, please go ahead and get hooked up.

Rob would be perfect for you; and us, your lonely gossip hounds, distraught since Britney went straight.

This has got everything big hair, big egos, big idiots.

Don't let us down.