Girls under 14 Mid Atlantic Regional Awards
Fiona Dargan from Rince na Tiarna
wins 7th consecutive championship
photo: courtesy Liz Lewis

The highly competitive teen girls competitions in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America command the attention of the world as past and current World and National Champions defend their titles.  This year's Oireachtas was no different, with defending champions Fiona Dargan, Ann Paige Turilli and Blair Croce winning their competitions.

2011 Girls under 13 Mid-Atlantic Regional Irish Dancing Champion Melanie Valdes from Petri re-claimed the championship lost in 2010 to Sydney Klyczek from Rince na Tiarna.  Valdes and second place Aine Claire Sheehan from McDade Cara won the 2011 American National Irish Dancing Championship for their divisions.

Fiona Dargan, who is the standing Mid-Atlantic Regional Irish Dancing Champion since 2005, now shares four regional trophies as well as the Girls under 11 World Champion cup with her sister Kevinah Dargan.  Both girls dance with  Rince na Tiarna.  The Dargan sisters have also enjoyed success together at the national level; most recently, both Fiona and Kevinah won the North American National Irish Dancing Championships for their age groups in 2011.

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Top Ten results for these competitions are:

Girls under 13
Champion Melanie Valdes - Petri     
2 Aine Claire Sheehan - McDade Cara
3 Ciaran O'Brien - Mulvihill Lynch
4 Caitlin Pyle - Petri
5 Ciara Murphy - Hagen
6 Kelli Devlin - Broesler
7 Tess Barrett - Peter Smith
8 Fiona Bridge Fay - McDade Cara
9 Brianna Genthe - Peter Smith
10 Nora Burke - O'Grady Quinlan

Girls under 14
Champion Fiona Dargan - Rince na Tiarna   DEFENDING CHAMPION!
2 Shannon Umhafer - Hagen
Kayleigh Mulvey - Petri
4 Phoebe Duran - Petri
5 Nicole Whalen - Peter Smith
6 Ciara Sullivan - Verlin
7 Erin O'Gallagher - Petri
8 Caleigh Ruais - Mulvihill-Lynch
9 Jessica Byrne - Hagen
10T Pax Manning - Ardmore and Anna May Fitch - Shea Jennings

Girls under 15
Champion Ann Paige Turilli - Inishfree   DEFENDING CHAMPION!
2 Heather Monaghan - Mulvihill Lynch
3 Taylor Collins - Petri
4 Julia O'Leary - An Rince Mor
5 Jessica Vent - Broesler
6 Emily Evrard - Ryan Kilcoyne
7 Alanah D'Arcy - Broesler
8 Bridget Buckley - Hagen
9 Bailey Carter - Boland
10 Katie Sweeney - Mulvihill Lynch

Girls under 16
Champion Blair Croce - Early McLoughlin   DEFENDING CHAMPION!
2 Sarah Oldam - Peter Smith
2 Kerin Nussbaum - Petri
3 Erin Lynch - Rince na Tiarna
4 Rose Marie White - Rince na Tiarna
5 Merry Jo Devine - Johnston
6 Kendall Griffler - Early McLoughlin
7 Jordane Mink - Petri
8 Oona Harrigan - Marie Moore
9 Rosalie Caracciolo - Petri

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