Girls under 17B awards podium with Sarah Oldam from Peter Smith School
Defending 2012 North American Irish Dancing Champion
Photo: Ciara McGovern
The 2012 North American Irish Dancing Championships concluded Saturday evening with awards for three of the largest age groups 'solo competitions.  Starting Monday, July 2nd, teachers from the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America gathered for its annual convention which was followed by five long days of solo and team championship events.  More than 3,000 competitors vied for or defended North American titles in 30 individual and 14 team events.

Bridget Albrades, 2012 North American Champion Girls under 10B
Photo: Mulvihill-Lynch School of Irish Dance NY
Solo dancers from seven Mid-Atlantic Region Irish dance schools clinched the girls' championship for their age group, including defending champions Fiona Dargan, Sarah Oldam, Melanie Valdes and Gabriella Wood.  Bridget Albrades and Farran Dougherty, the 2010 North American Champions for Girls under 8 and under 9 respectively, reclaimed their titles, while first-time North American champion Sara Sam Zee Moi also topped the podium for Girls under 9A.

Fiona Dargan, 2012 North American Champion Girls under 15A
with Mary Kay Heneghan from Rince na Tiarna NY
Photo: Stacy Harrington Quinlan

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Solo dancers from England/Wales and Ireland also claimed seven first-time North American girls' titles, with two going to McGahan Lees in the Southern Region of England.

Abigail Monaghan, 2012 North American Champion Girls under  13B
from McGahan Lees in Southern England
Photo: Feis America LLC

Corinne Gallibois was one of two dancers from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor in Eastern Canada who topped this year's podium, reclaiming her 2010 North American title after an association with an adjudicator prevented her from competing in the 2011 major.  Michaela Hinds, also Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Eastern Canada claimed her fourth North American championship, paralleling her four-time consecutive World Irish Dancing Championships.

Corinne Gallibois, 2012 North American Champion Ladies under 19A
and Michaela Hinds, 2012 North American Champion Girls under 17A
from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Eastern Canada
photo: Deirdre Gallibois
The Western U.S. region of Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Western United States celebrated two North American champions with Ladies 20 & Over B champion Olivia Griffin and Girls under 15B champion Carley Reger.  Another Western U.S. region dancer, Amanda Probert, from Claddagh claimed the 
Girls under 15B title.

Olivia Griffin, 2012 North American Ladies 20 & Over B
and Carley Reger, 2012 North American Girls under 15B
from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Western U.S.
Photo: Feis America LLC
New Englanders Caroline Mega and Emily Stewart, and four Mid-Americans Moira Kramp, Maria Murphy, Orla Mullane Godley and Sydney Niewiedzial topped the North American podium for the first time.  The Southern United States celebrated its North American champion Miya Stefanick for Girls under 13A.

Girls and Ladies' Solo Championships

Ladies 20 & Over A  Siobhan Casey: Doherty  Midlands  England/Wales
Ladies 20 & Over B  Olivia Griffin: Butler-Fearon-O'Connor Western Region USA
Ladies u20  Gabriella Wood:  Petri Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Ladies u19A  Corinne Gallibois:  Butler-Fearon-O'Connor  Eastern Region Canada
Ladies u19B  Emily Stewart:  Scoil Rince Naomh Attracta  New England Region USA
Ladies u18A  Jessie Leach:  McGahan Lees  Southern Region  England
Ladies u18B  Caroline Mega:  Murray Academy  New England Region  USA
Girls u17A  Michaela Hinds:  Butler-Fearon-O'Connor  Eastern Region Canada
Girls u17B  Sarah Oldam:  Peter Smith Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Girls u16A  Ellen Kennedy:  O'Connor  Connaught Region  Ireland
Girls u16B  Amanda Probert:  Claddagh  Western Region USA
Girls u15A  Fiona Dargan:  Rince na Tiarna  Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Girls u15B  Carley Reger:  Butler-Fearon-O'Connor  Western Region USA
Girls u14A  Moira Kramp:  Trinity  Mid-America Region USA
Girls u14B  Melanie Valdes:  Petri  Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Girls u13A  Miya Stefanick:  Maple  Southern Region USA
Girls u13B  Abigail Monaghan:  McGahan Lees  Southern Region England
Girls u12A  Rachel Cummins:  Linda Martyn  Connaught Region Ireland
Girls u12B  Orla Mullane-Godley:  Mullane Healy Godley  Mid-America  USA
Girls u11A  Farran Dougherty:  Broesler  Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Girils u11B  Sydney Niewiedzial:  Trinity  Mid-America Region USA
Girls u10A  Maria Murphy:  Mulhern  Mid-America Region USA
Girls u10B  Bridget Albrades:  Mulvihill-Lynch  Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Girls u9A    Sara Sam Zee Moi:  O'Rourke  Mid-Atlantic Region USA
Girls u9B    Erin McPolin:  Carey  Midlands  England/Wales
Girls u8      Shannon McHugh:  Duggan  Connaught Region Ireland

Congratulations to all the competitors, especially the champions!

Full results are available here.  Check back here on IrishCentral's Irish dance page for more North American Irish Dancing Championship recaps, photos, interviews and results!