Mickey Rourke is engaged. The former hell-raiser, 57, reportedly proposed to 24-year-old Russian model Elena Kuletskaya last week and the smitten couple plan to marry next year in her home country.

A source said: "They haven't booked a venue or made any solid plans. He just knows he wants to do it in April, and he's been asking what is involved in a traditional Russian wedding ceremony."

Rourke - who has been married twice before — met his bride-to-be earlier this year and sources claim the stunning blond dumped Russian pop star Dima Bilan for the actor.

Kuletskaya has been teaching Rourke Russian for his role as Whiplash in the upcoming "Iron Man 2," and the couple have also been shopping for puppies together after Rourke's beloved dog Loki died in February.

Rourke recently revealed how he felt he had been given a second chance at life and wants to embrace it.

He said: "The first act of my life was crazy, but I've learned from it. If you've got the guts and the desire and the talent, the first time around is easy. The second time around, it's murder. How many guys make it round the second bend?"